Discover your true nature and live your best version

Find your own joy of living!

Joy of living describes that feeling of happiness and fulfillment in life. It is a state in which you feel energetic and positive. Joy of living can come from many sources: personal successes, fulfilling relationships, positive experiences, creative expression, or a sense of harmony with yourself and the world. All these elements lead to a deep sense of well-being. Each of us has our own path. There is no single solution to rediscover the joy of living.

Find the answers within yourself!

Through the process of self-reflection, you will find the answers to your questions. By developing mindfulness, you increase your awareness, quiet your mind and access your inner wisdom. The answers you find also depend on your own experiences, beliefs, and values. I would like to encourage you to open yourself to different perspectives and give yourself the opportunity to grow through your insights.

Feel, understand and live your polarity!

It is important to accept all emotions instead of judging or condemning them. Both "positive" emotions such as joy, happiness or love, and "negative" emotions such as sadness, fear or anger, have their function, can be felt and experienced. If you accept them, you can achieve a balanced emotional state and better understand yourself. We all need to accept the full range of emotions and use them as a resource for personal growth and development to live a fulfilling and authentic life.


Hello dear Birgit, thank you very much for guiding me through the transformation process so gently and sensitively. Through your loving guidance, I was able to really open up and give myself completely to this process. I felt so good and safe with your company, so that I was able to experience completely new dimensions of my being. This transformation has completely changed my life, so that I have now achieved a completely new perspective on my topic and have therefore taken a big step forward. Miracles happen...🌈 I thank you, dear Birgit, for your loving nature and for allowing me to take this big step with you. Best 🧡 wishes Iris

Iris Pohl 🇩🇪

Thank you for your support over the last few weeks. Thanks to you, I am now back on track. What triggered me is like transformed. What I value most is the shared meditations. Thank you thank you thank you.❣️

H.F. 🇩🇪

Dear Birgit! Thank you very much for your valuable work. Through your sensitive coaching and the quantum field method, in conjunction with my voice, I was able to immerse myself in formerly split-off, hidden parts of my soul and to integrate them into my daily consciousness. I sing and practice every day and gain access to my hidden emotional world through the expression of my voice. After just a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in my joy of life. Liveliness has returned to my life. I thank you with all my heart, dear Birgit.

Martina Diendorfer 🇦🇹

I was able to experience a coaching session from dear Birgit and I have to say, it was so amazing how Birgit managed to uncover blockages in me within a very short time using targeted techniques so that I could heal internally.🥰 I had always wanted a process like this to happen quickly and thanks to you, dear Birgit, I was able to experience it. It was so fantastic🤩 Thank you very much for your support, dear Birgit, and all the best for your future journey.🍀🤗

Maren 🇩🇪

Dear Birgit! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your coaching session. Especially the way you ask questions and give pauses in order for me to feel deeply into myself and find my answers. I also find your clarity and humor wonderful. I wish you continued joy and success and look forward to our next coaching session.

Renate Rennhofer 🇦🇹

Das Thema Ahnenheilung interessiert mich seit Jahren sehr und mit einem ersten Coaching von Birgit bin ich es nun angegangen: Ich war gleichermaßen unwissend und neugierig, als wir hineinstarteten. Auf eine Eingebung von Birgit hin tauchten wir ein ins Jahr 1634, wo ich an einem mir vertrauten Ort in Italien 🌻☀️🇮🇹 ein aktuelles Thema sehen und mit Birgits Führung heilen konnte . . . Grazie di cuore cara Siglinda! Vielen Lieben Dank für Deine Zeit und unsere Zusammenarbeit! For years, I have been very interested in the topic of ancestral healing and have now tackled it with initial coaching from Birgit: I was equal parts ignorant and curious as we launched into it. Following an inspiration from Birgit, we delved 🙃 into the year 1634, where I was able to see a current issue in a place in Italy familiar to me 🌻☀️🇮🇹 and to heal it with Birgit's guidance. . . Thank you with all my heart for your time and our collaboration! 🩷 ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚

Mariella 🇩🇪